Nivea Soft Body Creme - 6.8 oz
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Nivea Soft Body Creme - 6.8 oz

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    Nivea Soft Body Creme is a gentle formulation to heal and soften your skin. This cream is fortified with Jojoba oil to keep your skin well moisturized. With the help of this cream, you can treat rough patches on your skin. This cream's Vitamin E content can keep your skin's natural structure intact. Keep your skin pampered with this rich cream.•Easily absorbs into skin•Gentle yet effective formulation•Convenient to use packagingNivea Soft Body Creme is lightweight and does not leave any residue on your skin. You can make your skin invigorated with the help of this cream. You can also use this cream for overnight purpose.Just For You: All skin typesA Closer Look: Nivea Soft Body Creme is made of gentle ingredients to nourish your skin without causing any damage.You Won't Find: IrritantsGet Started: Take a little amount of this moisturizer and gently rub into your skin for immediate relief.