Lifesource Xl-15 Digital Pedometer
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Lifesource Xl-15 Digital Pedometer

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    The National Physical Activity Guidelines recommend 10,000 steps as a daily goal for a healthy adult as a way to reduce the possibility of disease and obesity. The LifeSource Digital Pedometer helps you visually see your daily steps and know how you compare. With a built-in clock and long-lasting battery, this digital pedometer offers a convenient way to track your daily walking. The pedometer maintains a small, discreet profile with an easy-to-read screen that flips closed, and securely clips to your waistband. LifeSource Digital Pedometer (XL-15)At a Glance: Pedometer accurately measures steps, distance, and caloriesFirmly clips to waistbandScreen flips closed for safety and sleek designLow power consumption to preserve battery life This pedometer displays your measurements in large, easy-to-view numbers for accurate first-time readings. View larger. Pedometer Records Steps, Distance, and CaloriesIn addition to the number of steps you take, the LifeSource Digital Pedometer displays the distance you walked and the calories you burned. Additionally, the pedometer features a clock to keep you on track with your walking goals. EZ-View Screen Flips ClosedThe clear display screen of this digital pedometer flips closed to protect it from scratches. When the screen is open, its large numbers are easy to read and clearly show your results. The pedometer maintains a sleek, small profile and clips easily to your waistband. Low Energy Consumption Preserves Battery LifeUsing only one small button battery (included), this LifeSource pedometer maintains a light weight. The pedometer's low power consumption ensures the battery will last a long time. What's in the BoxLifeSource Digital Pedometer, LR1130 button cell battery, and instruction manual. Activity MonitorsDigital Pedometer (XL-15)Tri-Axial Activity Monitor (XL-18)Wireless Activity Monitor (XL-20)

    Product Description

    The xl-15 digital pedometer counts steps and calories and measures distance. it has a large easy-view flip down screen and a 12/24 hour clock. waist clip and battery are included.