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It is our commitment to provide you the best value, with the best service for the products you love. If in any way you are not 100% satisfied with your order please contact us! We appreciate the chance to correct any mistake we have made. We will replace or refund damaged or defective products.

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A Note about Cosmetic Batch Codes:

The cosmetics that we sell are acquired from well over 50 different domestic suppliers.  We carry over 100 brands of cosmetics and offer 1000's of products at heavily discounted prices. We make every effort to ensure the products that we offer are in great condition unless noted otherwise.  However, we are unable to inspect and compare every product according to batch code. Within each group of products that arrives in our warehouse, a single SKU can have multiple batch codes. The cost of checking, organizing and selling each variation of SKU by batch code would force us to increase our prices dramatically.  We are committed to offering quality products at deeply discounted prices.
Products that we offer generally have one of the following:
  • No expiration or batch code:  If these are factory sealed, we will usually check a few products to insure that the product is in good condition before making them available for sale. 
  • Batch Code:  Many cosmetics have production batch codes but these codes and the respective "shelf life" time frame are different for every manufacturer and even differ by product line in some cases.  Products with production codes are always checked for quality.  In cases where product is unsealed by manufacturer, we inspect the product to insure that product has not been damaged.  However, we DO NOT check production date and compare those dates to manufacture shelf life as this would be excessively expensive and require a significant increase in the price we can offer products.  
  • Expiration Date:  These products are quality checked and NEVER offered for sale past the expiration date.  
With the above in mind, we do want assist you in any way. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.